RFQ for Transformers
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Power Transformers are used to step up or step down the power supply source to the correct voltage for use in machines or equipment. Thus protecting it from being damaged by over or under voltage. Transformers are used to protect from line disturbance such as noise, spikes, transients and especially lightning strikes. It is ideal for use to isolate the unclean power supply source where by the power transformer will provide a perfect isolation between the supply source and equipment.


Transformers are universally accepted and widely used to protect sensitive electronic controlled machines from breakdown such as industrial robots, CNC machines, Broadcasting equipment, Medical equipments, Printing & Photographic processing equipment, SMT machines, Variable speed drives, Inverters, Main frame computers, Uninteruptible power supply, DC power rectification, Industrial processing plant and Petrochemical processing plant.

  • Maximum reduction in design of external dimension and weights.
  • High quality non ageing low loss grain oriented silicon steel.
  • Liner or non linear load design.
  • Copper or aluminium windings of enamelled or fiber glass wires.
  • K factor design K1-K20.
  • Continous rating.
  • Perfect isolation between primary and secondary windings.
  • Transformers are fully impregnated in high quality varnish and oven cured to improve high dielectric strength, rigidly solidified windings providing a tough impervious seal thus reducing the risk of electrical flash over or leakage and excellent noise reduction and vibration.
  • Off circuit anual tap changing links for selection of input voltage range.
  • Enclosures are design with continuous fan cooled or optional for fan to operate under load condition.
  • Cables entry are accessible from top or bottom of enclosure.

*Specification and design are subject to change without prior notice.

RFQ for Transformers
( Click to View and confirm selected products for RFQ )